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How Do You Know If You Have Termites?

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Termites live underground, in the walls, and can be invisible to the human eye. Since you likely won’t see termites, here are some signs to look for:
  • Small Termite droppings, they look like small, ridged, wood-colored pellets.
  • Mud tubes on exterior surface.
  • Wings all of the same size (look like tiny fish scales) shredded near an entry point to your home.
  • Because termites are difficult to see, we recommend yearly inspection by a pest-control professional.
Tips for Preventing Termite Infestation
  • Prevent moisture build ups, fix leaking pipes, A/C units, and other home fixtures prone to water buildup.
  • Check all drainage areas inside and outside of the home.
  • Caulk cracks in the foundation and around utility lines or pipes.
  • Maintain good upkeep around plants and mulch.
  • Distance firewood and lumber away from the home.
  • Discard excess wood like tree stumps or yard debris.
  • Remove any unused wooded objects from the home area.
  • Maintain large trees within the yard from dry rotting and becoming a nest for termites.

Should Homeowners Be Worried?

Most homeowners list their first home as their single largest investment. Termite damage can be expensive to repair and is a major threat to your investment. Keep in mind, most insurance plans don’t cover treatment or repairs due to termites. Seek a Pest Control Professional and have them evaluate your largest investment for peace of mind.